Parcel: 07-0704-04

Price: $18,395.00

Legal Description: Parcel 4 within Section 3, Township 35 North, Range 43 East, MDB&M

This 41.14 acre Ranch is located in Humboldt County, Nevada. The Ranch is situated in Silver State Valley, surrounded by mountain views in all directions.

This property sits at about 4458 feet above sea level. This lot is 8.0 miles North of I-80. The dimensions are 1320' by 1320'. To give you a feel of how big that is, if you walked the perimeter, it would be a 1.00 mile long hike!

Have cash and don't need financing? We offer a discount for cash purchases. Buying with cash, this property would cost only $15,600.00.

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Financing Options:

Down Payment: $395
Longest Term 100 Months
Lowest Monthly Payment: $180
Annual Property Taxes: $38 Anually
HOA Fees: $0


Coordinates: 40.9439438, -117.1276870